DeSantis Smokes Media For False Portrayal Of Florida's New Ban On Teaching Sex To Young Kids
· Mar 7, 2022 ·

New child protection legislature in Florida looks like it is going to pass through the Parental Rights in Education bill, which would ban the teaching of sexual subjects to kids from Pre-K to 3rd grade.

Democrats have labeled this as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, even though the bill nowhere mentions the word gay, banning homosexuality, or any such thing.

But the Democrats and media (I repeat myself) don't care about truth and honesty. They just care about their agenda and the opportunity to preach transgenderism and gender revolution nonsense.

DeSantis was asked about this bill again today, and he finally had enough and absolutely smoked the media for continuing to push this lie:

DeSantis: I haven't seen that [Don't say gay] in any of the bills? Where is that coming from?

Reporter: All around.

DeSantis: Oh, I get that, but the question is, you know, you're in the news business, does the truth matter or not? Is that in any of the bills? Yes or no?

The reporter, like all of the liberal media, can't answer the question. The answer is that it's a Democratic talking point, not grounded in reality. But no one on the Left will admit that.

DeSantis goes on:

There's nothing in the bill that's about 'you can't say‘ or 'don't say.' It's basically saying, for our youngest students, 4-year-olds, five-year-olds, six years, and seven do you really want them to be taught about... any sexual stuff... but we see, right now, a lot of focus on the transgenderism. That they may be able to pick genders and all that.

I don't think parents want that for these young kids and I think that's what they were trying to do...

I think it's inappropriate to be injecting those matters, like a transgenderism, into a kindergarten classroom.

The bill bans teaching of ALL sexual subjects to Pre-K through 3rd grade. There's nothing in the bill targeting homosexuality. Even heterosexual discussion would be banned.

The people pushing this agenda and the "don't say gay" talking point are using this as an opportunity to push the transgender movement.

DeSantis goes then turned his guns against the media:

If you oppose that you have a responsibility to be honest about it. What about that specifically? You can create a false narrative, you can stage a protest, you can do all those things, but you're not telling the truth about what's actually there...

Be very, very careful. You know, when you see that ecosystem starting to spin up narratives be very, very careful about accepting any of that wholecloth.

The Left's whole strategy is "Republican man bad," and they're willing to risk your kids' innocence to prove the point.

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