Did anyone have "radioactive boar-pig hybrids" on their end-times Bingo card?
· · Jul 2, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Maybe Godzilla was never destined to be a lizard:

If you remember, Fukushima was where radiation leaked from a nuclear power plant in Japan due to a 2011 tsunami that slammed into the island nation.

A 10-15 mile disaster zone was placed around the plant in the wake of the event: a zone that mutant radioactive pigs have now escaped.

Researchers at Fukushima, the site of the 2011 nuclear disaster in Japan, have found that a new mutant species of radioactive boar-pig has emerged from the wasteland.

According to a new study that investigated the impact of nuclear disasters on the local habitat, the high levels of radiation had no "adverse effects" on the genetics of the animals.

"However, wild boars (Sus scrofa leucomystax) have proliferated in the area, after being left to roam freely from the lack of humans," The Daily Mail reported. "The boars have bred with domestic pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus) that escaped from nearby properties after farmers had to flee, creating a new hybrid species."

Researchers have found that 16% of all wild boars in the region are now part of the mutant species.

While the researchers haven't said whether the boar-pigs have increased intelligence, super strength, or an insatiable desire for human blood, at least Japan's various mechs and Power Rangers are around in case any mutant pigs converge to destroy Tokyo!


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