Iowa Supreme Court upholds ban on Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs
· · Jul 2, 2021 ·

At least one Supreme Court is out there defending our laws and the conservative worldview the justices claim to represent!

Planned Parenthood sued the state after Iowa's legislature banned their sex education programs, claiming that it was discriminatory and violated its right to equal protection.

The Iowa Supreme Court disagreed.

The six justices appointed by Republican governors agreed that the Iowa Legislature could have reasonable concerns that allowing an abortion provider to teach sex education could undermine its goals of promoting abstinence and reducing teenage pregnancy.

Think about that sentence. The fact that we have to spell out the stupidity behind allowing an abortion provider to teach curriculum meant to lower unwanted pregnancies is like having to explain to people why letting reps from Krispy Kreme teach nutrition is a bad idea.

"The state could also be concerned that using abortion providers to deliver sex education programs to teenage students would create relationships between the abortion provider and the students the state does not wish to foster in light of its policy preference for childbirth over abortion," the majority of justices said in an opinion written by Justice Dana Oxley.


A state that has a "policy preference for childbirth over abortion"!!

What is this novel idea? You mean a government might act to protect the existence and lineage of its citizens in an effort to strengthen itself and its people??

The court's lone Democratic appointee, Justice Brent Appel, disagreed in a dissenting opinion that said the Legislature "through unconstitutional conditions in these statutes is trying to accomplish indirectly what it cannot do directly: namely, attack abortion rights."

I'm still looking through the Constitution for those dang abortion rights.

Maybe Nic Cage needs to drop some lemon juice on the back for that clause to appear.

But at least Justice Appel made sure to toe the Party line!

The law expressly prohibited for the first time an abortion provider from receiving the grant money to teach sex education in the Community Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program administered by the Iowa Department of Human Services and the Personal Responsibility Education Program administered by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

The fact that it's taken years of deliberation for Iowa remove the nation's most notorious abortion provider from educating children on sex should be of extreme concern.

The abortion giant doesn't want to simply mandate that they get to end human life in every state: they want to force said states to pay them to teach your children how to live promiscuous, lewd lives that will ultimately result in more unwanted pregnancies.

And while they weren't technically allowed to promote abortion in these programs, we all know that type of "education" leads to more abortions.

Planned Parenthood said in a statement that it has received the funding since 2005 and has used Iowa's state-approved curriculum to provide sex education to tens of thousands of Iowa youth. The organization currently provides sex education at more than 30 schools and 15 community-based youth-serving organizations across Iowa.

It's like forcing a farmer to grow poisonous food and then making him feed it to his own family.

Good for Iowa for standing up against one of the most despicable bullies of our age.


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