Did this cat just leap from a 5th-story window in a burning building and then get up and run away like nbd? Yes. Yes it did.
· May 15, 2021 · NottheBee.com

So apparently if you're a cool Chicago cat and your apartment catches fire, leaving you trapped on the fifth floor, you just do this:

Sticks the landing! Beautiful!

Did you see how close it got to that wall tho??

That was a close one.

Here's something interesting for you: cats are made for these kinds of jumps, since they're essentially arboreous animals and would live in trees if left without an owner or a cool back alley.

And cats have survived falls from up to 32 stories high!


It has to do with a physics phenomenon called terminal velocity. At first, the cat plummets faster and faster under gravity until she's fallen the equivalent of five stories. At that point, she hits constant terminal velocity at 100 kilometers per hour. She's now in free fall where air friction counteracts her acceleration under gravity. At this point, she's no longer accelerating and, more importantly, doesn't feel the pull from gravity.

So there you have it: we now have more proof that cats are obviously evil entities from another planet.

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