Nikole Hannah-Jones informs world that maps are racist and Europe isn’t a continent

Feb 28th

America is pretty exceptional.

So exceptional, in fact, that you can become a Pulitzer-prize winning leader at The New York Times with no understanding of geography, math, history, or common sense!

Read this thread:

It's absolutely magnificent.

I mean, where to start?

This is what the woke mind virus does to your brain, kids.

Nikole Hannah-Jones believes:

  1. That the concept of "Europe" was created by evil white men to separate themselves from the world,
  2. That we should be just as alarmed at wars in white nations as brown and black nations (how she sees the divide),
  3. And, that maps are racist because they make predominately white nations appear larger than non-white nations (she sees literally everything through the lens of skin color).

Let's tackle one at a time.

First, we dive into the idea of Europe as a continent:

* * *

See, in this convo, Parker shouldn't have tried to respond with a literal dictionary definition of the European continent. He should have simply said a continent is a continent, since that's how aNti-rAciStS define racism.

For posterity's sake, "continent" is a term that's been in use for 500 years, and refers to the idea of "continuous tract of land," from the Latin terra continens. Since Europeans were the first to chart the entire globe, they did have some privilege in defining the boundaries of these continents (her underlying point is that this was evil).

These boundaries of geography and culture are certainly contested at times, but nearly no European would say that their culture is the same as those in Africa or Asia.

"Europe" is a unique landmass with defined borders and a unique history that's distinct from the rest of the world. Only a fool would suggest otherwise (cuz RACISM!).

Next, we come to her idea of wars in black vs. white nations.

TL;DR version: The entire premise is stupid.

Longer version: We react more strongly to major offenses in places like Europe for a wide variety of reasons. First and foremost, the culture of Judeo-Christian values (also known as Racisity-McRacism to her) outlines the reasons why humans should conduct just war and care about war crimes in the first place. "Love your neighbor as yourself" is a profoundly Christian idea – one not found in African, Asian, or Native American cultures throughout history.

A war in Europe also affects the average person's job, bank account, and safety more than most other conflicts because of Europe's financial and military power. Russia is threatening nuclear strikes. A mom of three in Georgia – black or white – doesn't need to worry as much when warring factions in Nigeria kill each other, even if equally as tragic.

When people say "they seem so much like us," they aren't talking about skin color, but the fact that people wearing North Face and Nikes are using their AirPods to record on Instagram about the fight door-to-door for their cities and country. This isn't an impoverished nation with warring tribal lords or a communist police state.

They might also mean "they belong to our tribe of vaguely-secular-humanist, democratic, and Netflix-binge-watching ideals," but beyond that, there's no real sense of tribalism here.

Despite all this, Hannah-Jones chooses to go for the especially low-hanging fruit of racial tribalism: That people only care because Ukrainians are white:

It's amazing. She can tell everyone except herself to admit their biases.

Now we come to the last and greatest assertion: That maps are racist.

Hannah-Jones has zero idea how cartography and mathematics work:

This is a very difficult concept for her to grasp. Since the Europeans invented the complex equations needed to chart 3D space with 2D maps, I guess that's racist too.

Like I said, America is exceptional.

Even exceptional fools can strike it rich!

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