Did you know that disliking the IRS is racist now?
ยท Aug 30, 2022 ยท NottheBee.com

This is one of the most ridiculous reaches I've ever seen from the Left, and unfortunately it's kinda what I've come to expect.

So Ted Cruz tweets this on Sunday:

Short and sweet; something we can all agree on.

But then a Lefty saw the tweet, and, well...




Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a disdain for the Internal Revenue Service is now considered racist โ€” at least in Left-wing circles.

Well, on the Right we'll use this talking point in mockery until Thanksgiving, but that's just for fun and not to be confused with a sincere attempt at race hustling.

Dude's right though, the IRS was founded in the wake of the Civil War (cool fact of the day), but that has absolutely nothing to do with why people hate it today.

We don't like them because of all those armed agents they just hired. Oh, and they love to steal our money (nearly forgot about that one).

I'm guessing the IRS will soon have an approval rating of 100% among Democrats. Because there's nothing a Democrat loves more than a crooked government institution (it's how we know they're not racist).

Anyhow, I sometimes think the Left is trolling us with these fake accusations of racism.

Unfortunately, I'm thinking this one is sincere.

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