Disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti cried as he was sentenced to 30 months today for trying to extort Nike out of $20M. Here's a reminder of how much the media loved him.

Jul 8th

Michael Avenatti was supposed to be the "tip of the spear" in taking down Donald Trump alongside porn actress Stormy Daniels.

The media swooned over the lawyer for months, giving him multiple appearances across the spectrum of cable news and talk shows.

On Thursday, he cried like a little baby when being sentenced to two and a half years in prison for attempting to extort Nike out of $20 million.

"Mr. Avenatti's conduct was outrageous. He hijacked his client's claims, and he used those claims to further his own agenda — which was to extort millions of dollars from Nike to enrich himself," said Judge Paul Gardephe of the Southern District of New York. "Mr. Avenatti had become drunk on the power of his platform, or what he perceived the power of his platform to be. He had become someone who operated as if the laws and rules that apply to everyone else didn't apply to him."

However, the judge decided to go easy on Avenatti for showing "remorse."

But Gardephe added that Avenatti deserved a lighter sentence than what was recommended by federal because,the judge said, "Mr. Avenatti has expressed what I believe to be severe remorse today."

Gardephe also sharply noted, in justifying the lower-than-recommended sentence, how federal prosecutors had not criminally charged high-powered attorney Mark Geragos, whom prosecutors have said participated with Avenatti in the shakedown.

Boy, it must be great to be a high-profile lawyer with a silver tongue.

Just in case anyone forgets how this charlatan even became a household name, it's because he was lauded and praised by our entire media establishment as the literal savior of the Republic:

The story here isn't so much about a skeezebag like Avenatti: it's about the wretchedness of our entire news industry that would elevate him as a "folk hero" for us all to idolize.


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