Disney CEO: "The notion that Disney is in any way sexualizing children, quite frankly, is preposterous and inaccurate." Let's view the receipts.
· Jul 14, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Who are you gonna believe, Disney CEO Bob Iger, or your lying eyes and ears?


What a claim.

More context from Politico:

Speaking on CNBC, Iger defended Disney's legacy of entertaining generations of viewers and criticized DeSantis' attacks on the company over the past year, which began over the company's opposition to a bill restricting discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida classrooms. He also gave a full-throated endorsement of Disney's ongoing lawsuit against the Florida governor, in which the California-based company accuses DeSantis of weaponizing his political power.

"The last thing that I want for the company is for the company to be drawn into any culture wars," Iger said. "It's concerning to me that anyone would encourage a level of intolerance or even hate that frankly could even become dangerous action."

If only we had any evidence to show if he's telling the truth about not sexualizing kids and not wanting to enter the culture wars 👇

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