Does anyone else find this type of Republican campaign advertisement to be just totally cringeworthy and unhelpful?
· Oct 21, 2021 ·

Here's a campaign spot from Nevada GOP gubernatorial candidate Michele Fiore.

You've already seen it, but go ahead and watch it anyway:

I say "you've already seen it" because you've seen this same Republican ad a million times before: The truck, the gun, the rugged backdrop, the focus-group-tested brash braggadocio.

It's all there, along with the bizarre device of "Socialism"-branded beer bottles with labels like "CRT," "Vaccine Mandate" and "Voter Fraud."

And it's just like...

Why does anyone make an ad spot like this? What demographic does it reach? What purpose does it serve? What vote is it supposed to get out? In the end, it comes off as corny at best and completely insincere at worst. Neither will serve a candidate well in November.

Here's a campaign spot idea for a Republican.

Tell voters:

"I am an uncompromising champion of freedom. Elect me and I will fight every single day to ensure that your personal, medical, economic, and parental freedoms are preserved. Together we will push back against the communists, defeat them, and ensure the American experiment does not fail."

Boom! Election won!

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