A thief snatched an 87-year-old lady's purse at Kroger, then a good Samaritan chased and clobbered the bad guy!
· Dec 20, 2021 · NottheBee.com

And yes it's on video. This is the type of internet content that just makes everyone's day better:


Huge props to the good guy, Deshawn Pressley, for risking himself to defend an elderly stranger's property and honor. He even held the bad guy down until cops got there. KING MOVES ALL AROUND. 👑

And how sweet is that old lady? My goodness. I wish she were my grandmother.

Hopefully the bad guy learns a lesson from getting owned in a parking lot then slapped with a felony.

UPDATE: The good guy got an award for it! Alright!

"I'm glad that he received this honor," Goins said, "because he's my hero."

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