Eli Manning tried out for Penn State's football team disguised as "Chad Powers" and I cannot stop laughing
· Sep 20, 2022 · NottheBee.com

I'm sorry, but this got me good. Eli Manning is such a complete dork, and seeing him play walk-on quarterback Chad Powers here is just absolute comedy gold.

Penn State is a big walk-on university, which means dudes who simply try out for the team have a lot of success in Happy Valley.

Before I give you Chad Powers' tryout though, I figured I'd find you the dorkiest GIF of Eli on the internet so you'd have some context as to who he is behind the mask:

You're welcome.

Here's the tryout:


Now, Head Coach James Franklin (bald guy) was in on the deal, but everyone else here had absolutely no idea this was two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning. They just thought he was some 32-year-old creep off the streets, which is just perfect.

Once the tryouts were over, Coach Franklin broke it to the guys that Chad was actually Eli Manning. Please enjoy some more highlights and pure comedy before the reveal during the last third or so of this video.

Did you hear the one coach go, "I want to sign the Chad Powers guy, I think I see something in him"?!?!?

So good!!

I never knew Eli Manning was such a good actor.

Here's the beginning of the episode for those of you interested in how this developed:

Eli has officially taken the number one spot in the Manning brother rivalry.

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