Elite NYC school is using the creepiest video of all time to teach first graders about masturbation and I have questions.
· Jun 3, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Of course, the most obvious question is, will there be an AP Program for the advanced students?

The video itself has a harmless enough sounding title, in fact, it appears downright responsible.

"Help kids learn that bodies are private."

Sounds good.

Then you start watching it.

The video is animated and opens with a playground scene focusing on a boy and a girl and an anthropomorphic chicken and dragon kicking around a soccer ball. The dragon jokes that the ball almost hit his "peepee." The kids giggle.

Just some silly, innocent, childhood fun!

Then an adult shows up and starts talking about penises and touching yourself.

Normally, this would be the part where someone dials 911 to report a child predator.

But, no, this is a woke video, so the child predator is actually the hero of the story!

When the predator/protagonist first arrives she asks, "What's so funny you two?" They tell her, and she points out to them that when people use the correct anatomical terms for private parts, they use a serious voice, and when they use a made-up term they use a silly voice.

She then patiently explains why this is.

"Some children and adults feel uncomfortable when they talk about their private parts so they make up cute or funny names for them."

If you think that doesn't sound like she approves of this approach, you'd be right.

Instead, she lectures that it is far more appropriate that a five-year-old girl refer to her vulva which is not remotely creepy-sounding.

"It's important to use the proper words for our private parts."

If you think you, as a parent, should be making that call for your kids, then you need to stop thinking that.

Of course, people do differ on this. I know parents who insisted their kids use the anatomically correct terms from the moment they could talk. I found that personally cringy , but it's not my place to make that call for their kids.

It's definitely not the school's place.

Naturally, the kids ask why they should use the "proper" words.

"Because our private parts are just as amazing as our hearts, our lungs, brains, or any other of our amazing body parts."

This is not an answer, of course, other than to suggest your private parts are pretty much equivalent to your elbow so shut up, prude.

The kids press her.

"But our hearts pump blood, our lungs breathe, and our brains think."

The dragon then chimes in

"All our private parts do is pee."

To which the predator/protagonist responds:

"That's not entirely true."

Oh? Hopefully the predator/protagonist remembers she's talking to first graders here.

She starts by launching into a detailed explanation regarding how important it is to urinate to eliminate body waste and gets into some detail regarding the anatomical locations of the urethra using fairly detailed cartoon diagrams.

And yes, I'm carefully censoring diagrams designed for first graders on a PG site intended for adult readers because I find the video that creepy.

While the predator/protagonist doesn't directly address the other half of her "that's not entirely true" tease, the video uses the boy to introduce it, by having him ask why his penis gets big sometimes.

I'm pretty sure parents should be involved here somehow, but they are nowhere to be seen so shut up about that.

What ensues is a discussion about erections, about how boys have a penis and girls have a clitoris, how it "feels good" to touch them, all illustrated with helpful diagrams.

Have I mentioned that this video is intended for first graders? That would be children between the age of six and seven, both girls and boys.

The teacher points out to the children that grownups don't touch their private parts in public. The kids respond that they hadn't noticed that, suggesting these kids have been to New York City, but regardless, she goes on to say,

"It's okay to touch yourself and see how different body parts feel but it's best to only do it in private."

The chicken then asks,

"Well, if private parts are so special, why do you cover them up?"

The girl answers.

"Because they are private silly."

The predator/protagonist agrees.

"That's right, Kayla, because they are private."

Sounds like these two have a future in being respected critical race theory scholars!

There will be a wide range of opinions regarding what elements of this are appropriate for first graders, from naming anatomical parts, to essentially endorsing masturbation, to children being provided pretty graphic details of the anatomical difference between girls and boys, to the age appropriateness of it all.

But isn't that why we have parents, or for that matter, freedom? This entire area is a very touchy subject (sorry) and everyone knows it's a touchy subject and yet the school went ahead with this video absent any specific parental consent.

How are people responding?

Can you say "ratio?"

Here are some of the comments. I personally did not come across a single positive one.

Keep in mind, no matter what you may think, or the majority of parents may think, the creator of this video is on a mission to get schools to normalize this kind of graphic presentation of information to young kids. You can check out their web site here, together with a collection of videos trying to recruit parents as advocates, and another collection meant for kids that includes videos that go well beyond this one (well beyond) such as this.

Incidentally, their tag line is this:

AMAZE takes the awkward out of sex ed!

(Hat tip to both @okyz1 and @klerikreturns for the heads up on this.)

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