Italian artist sells invisible sculpture for $18,000 that "only exists in his mind"
· Jun 3, 2021 ·

The sculpture is titled "Io Sono" or "I Am" in English, but it really isn't anything. Unlike the great I Am, it neither currently exists, nor has it existed in eternity past or future. The invisible sculpture "I Am" exists "in the mind of its creator," artist Salvatore Garau, only.

Nevertheless, the "art" was sold for $18,000 and the buyer was given a certificate and a receipt. I hope he saves the receipt in case he needs to make an exchange - perhaps for one of the artists other works such as this one called "Buddha in contemplation":

Yeah, it's also invisible. I sense a theme in this Garau's work.

This artist is truly a genius. But not in the way people usually refer to artists as a genius...

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