Elon Musk went to DC and blew off all the Dems that wanted to meet with him. Politico is really salty about it ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Elon's gonna Elon.

Ah yes, the GOP "firebrand" Jim Jordan who believes what tens of millions of conservative Americans believe.

That one.

Good job on the objectivity, Politico.

Islamic terrorists? Austere religious scholars. Regular conservative guy who espouses what conservatives have always believed? Firebrand!

Notice who is not on that list tho:

One thing it didn't include: Congressional Democrats.

You can practically feel the hate.

"How dare you not pay homage to the true leaders of the Republic!"

In Congress, all his scheduled meetings were with Republicans. An encounter with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries โ€” the House minority leader โ€” that he touted in a tweet, was actually an unscheduled run-in, according to Jeffries' office.

I love how Politico was so angered by this whole thing that they wrote an entire article about it. "Twitter CEO Goes to Capitol Hill" should be a bland story, but they've turned it into this nefarious visit by a scheming mastermind who is plotting to overturn America with Sith Lord Jim Jordan.


Yo, Politico: Have you ever stopped to think that Elon doesn't want to talk to Dems because Dems (like you) treat him like this?

Y'all are trying to crucify him because of who he didn't meet with on a random trip as a private citizen to DC!

Democrats, for their part, still want to hear from him, even as they don't put much faith in their Republican colleagues to hold him accountable.

See, right there!

Do y'all not see it??

"Hold him accountable."

For what? He's a private business owner! He's committed no crime, but because he got rid of actual fascism occurring between government and the private sector, he's literally Hitler?

Again, why would this man want to meet with you guys??

Accommodating the GOP is in keeping with Musk's current political outlook. He endorsed the GOP ahead of the midterm elections, welcomed former President Donald Trump back to Twitter and obligingly dumped a series of "Twitter files" to make the case that Democrats and previous company executives colluded to restrain speech on the platform, along with several other conservative-friendly moves.

Elon has been a lifelong Democrat voter. He never voted Republican until recently.

The reason for the switch is the brand of crazy featured in this Politico article.

In his meeting with Republicans, they discussed the importance of the First Amendment, alleged censorship of conservatives and potential reforms to tech's coveted liability shield known as Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, Jordan said in an interview.

Treason! The unthinkable! How dare they talk about the Constitution, the "alleged" censorship โ€“ you know, that's been definitively proved by the treasure trove of files that show a coordinated effort between woke tech employees, the FBI, and the White House to suppress the freedom of speech guaranteed to citizens as a basic right endowed in us by our Creator!!!

Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson must be rolling over in their graves at all this talk of unfettered liberty!

It's not clear what leverage the snubbed Democrats have to hold a powerful exec to account, even if he persists in tweaking them on his platform.


If I had a group of people stumping for powerful politicians to hold me to account, I would most definitely not want to be chummy with said group of people.

It's like telling a deer that it should go talk to the wolf stalking it!

The best part of this whole thing is old Shifty Schiff, where even woke Politico couldn't help but crack a joke:

"I am deeply concerned with how he's running that company into the ground," said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) when asked about Musk's leadership of Twitter and time on the Hill. "It seems like a vanity project that is going wrong with an explosion of hate speech on that platform."

Schiff then stepped into his Tesla sedan after a Monday night vote and drove off.


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