Nebraska Democrat wants to ban kids from Vacation Bible School and church youth groups to prove some point about drag shows 🤷‍♂️
· Feb 1, 2023 ·

Let's see what the liberal white women are up to today, shall we?

Oh yes, it looks like they are trying to defend taking children to drag shows by comparing it to Vacation Bible School!

You know, since the libs worship drag queens this makes perfect sense.

What, are they low-key admitting that the LGBT cult is actually a religion???

From Fox News:

A Democratic lawmaker in Nebraska is being accused of "anti-religious bigotry" by Republicans after she proposed to ban children from attending church youth groups or vacation Bible schools.

State Sen. Megan Hunt says her amendment, which would ban children under 19 years of age from attending a "religious indoctrination camp," is intended to kill the underlying bill, LB 371, a measure put forward by Republicans to ban minors from attending drag performances. The text of the amendment asserts there is a "well-documented history of indoctrination and sexual abuse perpetrated by religious leaders and clergy people upon children."

It is a tongue-in-cheek response to Republicans who have said children should not be exposed to explicit sexual content at drag shows.

"I should be able to take my kids to see men rub their junk at drag shows and dance to sexualized songs because it's safer than church and I am a smart white liberal lady! Hurr Durr!"

Hunt's amendment states that "abusers within churches and other religious institutions often use events like church or youth-group-sponsored camps and retreats to earn children's trust and gain unsupervised access to such children in order to commit [sexual] abuse."

It defines a "religious indoctrination camp" as "a camp, vacation Bible study, retreat, lock-in, or convention held by a church, youth group, or religious organization for the purpose of indoctrinating children with a specific set of religious beliefs."

The text mimics the underlying bill, LB 371, which Slama said "keeps kids from attending hyper-sexualized events."

Obviously, Hunt is not so dumb she can't see the difference. She's trying to make a point.

It's just a really stupid point that only plays well in the Leftist Big Brain™ world.

LB 371 would prohibit anyone under 19 from attending a drag show and would prevent those under 21 from attending if alcohol is served. The bill defines a drag show as when a performer exhibiting "a gender identity that is different than the performer's gender assigned at birth" engages in singing, lip-syncing, dancing or otherwise performs before an audience for entertainment. It would make it a misdemeanor to knowingly bring a minor to a drag performance.

Business or nonprofit owners who host drag shows could face a misdemeanor charge if minors are present and could be fined $10,000 for each violation.

Republicans want to protect kids from sexualization, and the best reply Democrats have is this sort of childish "what about" game, while defending the sexualization of children.

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