This is the most heartbreaking story I have ever seen of how the trans cult is destroying girls with the help of schools, judges, lawyers, and doctors. I have no words.
· Feb 1, 2023 ·

The State of Virginia House of Delegates has introduced a bill called Sage's Law with the aim of protecting children from groomers schools and sex traffickers.

The history behind the law is stomach churning in the extreme.

  • The girl's school encouraged her to live as a boy after she adopted trans ideology as a way to fit in.
  • The girl tried to use the boys bathroom and got beat up.
  • She ran away and was sex trafficked.
  • The judge at the hearing to get her back insisted they call her by her male pronouns.
  • She was put into a boys home where she was abused further. She then ran away and was sex trafficked again.
  • Her radical lawyer wanted to use her as a cash cow all the way to the supreme court and hid the letters her family sent her.
  • The doctor at the "gender-affirming" clinic she was sent to told her to cut off her breasts.
  • Watch:
  • [Warning: This will make you extremely angry]

This is such a horrific case. The schools, the law enforcement, and the judges were all working in lockstep against the parents the entire way.

And the Democrats in Virginia STILL oppose this law.

From the Washington Examiner's analysis:

In response to Sage's testimony, Virginia Republicans introduced Sage's Law (also known as HB 2432), which requires anyone "licensed as administrative or instructional personnel by the Board of Education and employed by a local school board" to inform "at least one parent" of a student's gender confusion and to "ask whether such parent is aware of the student's mental state and whether the parent wishes to obtain or has already obtained counseling for such student." The bill also makes it clear that declining to use a minor's preferred name or pronouns cannot be construed as child abuse.

Unsurprisingly, Virginia Democrats , who control the state Senate, have vowed to kill the legislation. Their reason for doing so? "Even more children will be put in danger if the government interjects itself into the most personal of family discussions like this, regardless of whether it's safe for the child to be out," said Democratic Del. Danica Roem.

This law is SO minimum and bare bones. All it's asking for is that schools not hide sexual secrets from parents. There's no insistence, as there should be, that schools discourage gender transition and prevent kids from indulging in the madness.

There's simply an olive branch to parents, letting them know if the schools are about to trans their kids.

And even THAT is too far for leftists. And we all know why.

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