Energy Sec. Granholm says rising fuel costs are proof of why we need wind and solar power 🤡

Nov 1st

As a Michigander, I had the severe displeasure of having Jennifer Granholm as my governor. She left office without fixing our pothole-marked roads and oversaw the worst GDP growth in the nation, despite her massive tax hikes.

It's beyond annoying, then, to have to see her try to claim that our insane fuel prices – you know, that her boss Biden contributed directly to by shutting down oil and gas drilling on day one of his administration – is somehow proof of why we need rainbow and sunshine power for our cars:

The heck?

This is like setting someone's house on fire and then telling them it's proof that they shouldn't be living there, or like defunding the police and then blaming the police for the rise in violence.

She also pointed blame at OPEC:

Lady, YOU GUYS are the ones who decided to shut down all American energy production in order to ship billions of barrels of oil on cargo ships across the world's oceans from mostly totalitarian countries! Stop blaming OPEC!

This is mind-boggling stuff.

It's almost like they want to use stuff like oil prices and climate to take away your ability to live as free people so they can rule over you as a new class of kings!


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