"Squad" Member And "Defund The Police" Advocate Ilhan Omar Blames The Police For The Rise In Crime In Minneapolis. Seriously.
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Squad member and "Defund the Police" cheerleader, Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, is blaming a rise in violent crime in Minneapolis on, you guessed it, the police.

Cries to defund the police, turmoil over the police department for more than a year, national and international scrutiny, police being demonized as racist, and now it's the cops' fault that crime is going up?




"What we must also recognize is that the reduction in policing currently in our city, and the lawlessness that is happening is due to two things. One, the police have chosen to not fulfill their oath of office and to provide the public safety they are owed to the citizens they serve, right? It's documented. But even before that, it was documented. The Minneapolis Police Department is the most dysfunctional police department, in our state and probably in the country. The second part is that there has to be accountability. And someone that is actually taking responsibility for what the police does invest in to. And that doesn't exist in this moment. And I do believe that the current charter that we have, that's tied the hands of those who want to have that accountability, because we are mandated to have a specific amount of policing, we are mandated to, you know, have the kind of these union contracts that we have right now. I don't know any other big city in the state of Minnesota that has the charter that we have, it just doesn't exist."

Omar claims, "the police have chosen not to fulfill their oath." What on earth is she talking about? There are fewer police officers. Because the city wasn't backing up the police, many left the force. She and her friends in BLM have made it easier to get away with crime, and now it's the fault of the police that crime is going up?

Back in May, the very liberal mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, admitted that crime was going up due to the "defund the police" movement.

"It's just the reality of the solution, you know," the mayor admitted. "When you make big, overarching statements that we're going to defund or abolish and dismantle the police department and get rid of all the officers, there's an impact to that."

What's he talking about when referring to "overarching statements" about defunding, abolishing, or dismantling police?

Well, those calls came from none other than Representative Ilhan Omar herself, starting in June of 2020.

"We need to completely dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. Because here's the thing, there's a cancer," she said, continuing that amputation is needed so it doesn't spread.

"The Minneapolis Police Department is rotten to the root, and so when we dismantle it, we get rid of that cancer, and we allow for something beautiful to rise, and that reimagining allows us to figure out what public safety looks like for us," Omar, a first-term congresswoman, said.

So, it's more than clear that the reason crime is going up in Minnesota is not because of the police.

If Omar wants to know who's causing the uptick in violent crime, she should invest in a high-quality mirror.

Funny how that works. You call to defund the police, you criticize the police, you campaign to dismantle the police, and crime goes up, so you... blame the police.

If Omar had her way, there'd be no police at all.

Omar's approach to crime includes backing a Nov. 2 ballot measure to replace the entire Minneapolis police department with a "Department of Public Safety." The measure would remove the requirement that the city have a minimum number of officers based on the city's population.

But no. There's no chance at all that it could be her fault. It's all the police's fault.

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