Politicians craft plan to solve NYC's rat problem that involves "the pill"
Ā· Apr 16, 2024 Ā· NottheBee.com

It's like the Bill Gates Foundation switched its focus to the rat world!

New York City has a MAJOR rat problem and some of the "experts" think they might have a solution to the infestation.

Putting rats on birth control.

Nope, it's still Not the Bee.

In New York City, the idea to distribute rat contraceptives got fresh attention in city government Thursday following the death of an escaped zoo owl, known as Flaco, who was found dead with rat poison in his system.

City Council Member Shaun Abreu proposed a city ordinance Thursday that would establish a pilot program for controlling the millions of rats lurking in subway stations and empty lots by using birth control instead of lethal chemicals. Abreu, chair of the Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management, said the contraceptives also are more ethical and humane than other methods.

You know, when they're talking about rats it makes sense as a pest control method. The problem is that these same people would apply this same solution to the human population as well.

(Kinda goes to show what our elites think about humans.)

The plan is to use "ContraPest," which is a rat contraceptive that disrupts ovarian function in females and messes with the males' sperm production.

Hmm, that reminds me of how human sperm counts are declining worldwide...

Anyway, New York is facing this rat crisis while simultaneously working to ban things like glue traps and other "unethical" forms of pest control. Because sterilization is much more ethical, I guess?

Every generation of New Yorkers has struggled to control rat populations. Mayor Eric Adams hired a "rat czar" last year tasked with battling the detested rodents. Last month, New York City reduced the amount of food served up to rats by mandating all businesses to put trash out in boxes.

The Rat Czar isn't working. Time for Plan B(ill)!

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