Wondering about that evil new terrorist group "ISIS-K" everyone's been talking about? Here is an explainer for you.
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So all of a sudden everyone is talking about "ISIS-K" instead just "ISIS." If you are like me you probably have just been thinking that is was ISIS's new name for some dumb reason, like when Jay-Z removed the hyphen from his name and then added it back in and it was supposed to be some big deal.

Well ISIS-K is actually a different animal altogether. They're scumbag cave-dwelling Islamist terrorist torturers, murderers, and child rapists, of course, just like plain ol' ISIS, but they are different in several ways. "Oh, Doc, you shouldn't speak so harshly," you say. Well, I say the evil scoundrels shouldn't murder families and rape children, so yeah.

Like I said I looked up the difference between ISIS and ISIS-K and so I have decided in my loving heart to share it with of all you other people who might be curious as well.

ISIS-K started as the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.

It's also known as as ISIS-KP, ISKP, or IS-K.

The stupid "K" in their name comes from the Khorasan Province, "the historic name for the region encompassing parts of Central Asia, including modern-day Afghanistan and Iran."

This is an area encompassing parts of Central Asia including modern-day Afghanistan and Iran, where Islamic terrorists like ISIS-K like to crawl around and beat women and kill Christians.

ISIS-K were the animals who just bombed the Kabul airport killing 13 U.S. troops and at least 169 innocent Afghan civilians.

Yeah, that was them. And the terrorists saw this carnage as a supremely righteous act, as you will see below.

ISIS-K formed in 2014/2015 as an offshoot made up of al-Qaida or Taliban terrorist fighters (or maybe both) who looked up to the despicably violent and inhumane tactics of the original ISIS, because of course they did.

For the record, those people who ISIS-K looked up to so much got wholesale bombed to hell by President Trump. Doesn't matter if you hate him โ€” it's true (and you should hate ISIS more.)

Remember that scumbag? He gone.

This is why we're talking about ISIS-K right now and not ISIS.

ISIS-K killed their first American service member in 2016.

He was on foot patrol when an IED took his life.

ISIS-K is growing in size as tons of previously imprisoned terrorists have flocked to join them after being freed from their cells.

Wondering how that whole terrorists-getting-freed-from-jail thing happened? Read this:

Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie, the chief for all U.S. military operations in the Middle East, told reporters earlier in September in describing the last day of the U.S. war in Afghanistan that likely 2,000 ISIS-K fighters are currently operating in Afghanistan. The U.S. assesses many of them have been recently released from prisons in Afghanistan as a part of the Taliban's efforts to undo any trace of the American presence โ€“ except, of course, for the billions of dollars worth of weaponry the U.S. left behind.

Yep. We bounced out of Afghanistan in the most tragically bungled U.S. operation imaginable in which we left a terrorist group $85 billion dollars worth of weapons, vehicles, and aircraft, and then new Taliban overlords freed all the terrorists from all the prisons.

ISIS-K is absolutely brutal.

ISIS-K has become infamous for its brutality across territories it controls. It has launched indiscriminate attacks on anyone it considers to be non-believers of its strict and warped interpretation of ancient Islamic norms.

This is what you'd imagine a bunch of bloodthirsty terrorists recently sprung from prison would do. These are very very bad people. They are slaughtering everyone they don't like or can't subjugate.

And it has already capitalized on the high-profile attack at the Kabul airport that killed 13 Americans. The New York-based Counter Extremism Project found ISIS-K has effectively employed propaganda sites on the internet and dark web as a recruiting tool promoting what it considers a victory against the U.S. and the Taliban. The project in an analysis note also suggests that tech companies are not doing enough yet to contain the spread of the group's disinformation.

Of course they used the horrific Kabul airport bombings as online propaganda tools. Of course they did.

This is not going to end well.

ISIS-K terrorists are the worst of the worst, the group is rapidly growing in size, and if you don't think they will get their hands on some of that next-level American weaponry, regardless of their relationship status with the Taliban, you are out of your mind.

I have to wonder ... How long until these monsters start plotting attacks in America?

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