Extreme walking competitions are a thing ... and they're strangely mesmerizing

Sep 9th

We all know our friends in Japan to be pioneers of bizarre hobbies, but "Extreme Walking" is still not a competition I would have dreamed up. And even if I did, it would probably look something like this:

But no, the Japanese sport is much more serious. Really, it's a lot like marching band choreography, but more inclusive of people who can't play any instruments. In fact, there's no music whatsoever. Just the sound of dozens of feet stepping in precise unison:

This leaves me with so many questions:

What are tryouts like?

"Can you walk while other people also walk?" "Yeah!" "You're in!"

Does it come with the same prestige of being a quarterback in American football?

"Don't mess with Brad, he's lead walker on the extreme walking team."

How do you decide who's the MVP?

"Jenkins stood out from everyone the very least! Congratulations, here's your trophy!"

Are there endorsement deals or walking leagues?

"I coulda gone pro if I hadn't thrown out my walking leg!"


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