Exxon's CEO announces he's found the real culprit behind climate change: YOU.
· Feb 29, 2024 · NottheBee.com

I have no truck with the commie Marxists who are looking to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry as part of their ridiculous hysterical climate crusade. Nope, no thanks.

To be sure, I don't have patience for anyone who buys into the whole climate insanity. But I do gotta give credit to the fossil fuel industry when it bites back in so spectacular a fashion:

Exxon Mobil Corp. CEO Darren Woods told editors from Fortune that the world has 'waited too long' to begin investing in a broader suite of technologies to slow planetary heating. ...

In his comments Tuesday, Woods argued the 'dirty secret' is that customers weren't willing to pay for the added cost of cleaner fossil fuels.

Climate warriors getting blamed for climate change by a gasoline executive:

Actually, he's right, though!

The ultimate problem with next-gen green energy isn't that the technology isn't there; it's that the cost is too high and consumers don't want to pay it!

Seriously! The price for these fuels is just way too high, and their unreliability ultimately drives the cost even higher. People don't want to pay (a) a lot more money for (b) a product they can't depend on. Nothing more or less complicated than that.

Darren Woods gets it:

'People who are generating the emissions need to be aware of [it] and pay the price,' Woods said.

'That's ultimately how you solve the problem.'

I have to wonder where this guy is going with this. He's a gas exec, so he knows the climate cult believes he is the devil incarnate. He's got to put some spin on it so he can keep raking in the dough.

And so, we get the virtue signal: The devil's greatest slight of hand.

Imagine a scenario with me: The media complains that fentanyl or cocaine cut with other chemicals is killing people. Then one of the cartel drug lord responds like this:

"It's not my fault. I'm just the dealer. You need to blame the users. They're not willing to pay for a premium product, and that's what's causing them to die."

You'd probably scratch your head at that one!

But this is exactly what Darren Woods is saying. And here's why:

Power and money.

By shifting the blame in a way that appeals to the climate cult that believes gas is evil and Mother Gaia is burning, the energy industry and their pals in government have a moral excuse for more tyrannical oversight and a monopoly on the market. This charge, led largely by leftist leaders who want you to think Republicans are still the big-business cronies, is very powerful because of the religious devotion attached to the money-making scheme.

'So we've got to find a way to get the cost down to grow the utility of the solution, and make it more available and more affordable, so that you can begin the [clean energy] transition.'

For example, he said Exxon 'could, today, make sustainable aviation fuel for the airline business. But the airline companies can't afford to pay.'

Woods blamed 'activists' for trying to exclude the fossil fuel industry from the fight to slow rising temperatures, even though the sector is 'the industry that has the most capacity and the highest potential for helping with some of the technologies.'

Do you see what's happening?

The formula is something like this:

  • Gas execs realizes they are being cut out of "climate solutions," which affects their bottom line.
  • Execs blame little people for not buying more expensive gas products that are "cleaner."
  • Lobbyists get the hint and help politicians pass laws that force gas companies to use this "cleaner" gas.
  • The religious faithful give praise to Mother Gaia, write "Republicans pounce" headlines.
  • Regular people complain, but buy the new, more expensive gas anyway because they have no choice.
  • Gas execs rake in the dough and share some with their government friends.
  • Repeat until they have all the money and power and everyone is enslaved.

("I just won't buy Exxon," says the person who doesn't understand how any of this works.)

The question is: Which politician is going to introduce the bill?

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