Rachel Maddow tells her audience that Trump will stay in office for the rest of his life if he's elected president
· Feb 29, 2024 · NottheBee.com

Rachel Maddow is deranged, and I'm sorry to inform you that yes, she has an audience full of people who take her seriously.

Why is she mad this week? Ask her therapist.

She's upset because the Supreme Court announced this week that it will take up Donald Trump's criminal immunity claims concerning his January 6 (Insurrection Day) trial and this will likely lead to a delay to the start of said trial which means by the time all is said and done Trump might already be president again and then he could pardon himself.

Hilariously positive news for the right; but on the left, well, their reaction is why it's such hilarious news to us.




She seriously just said Trump will stay in office until he dies!

And she somehow thinks he will be "voted out" in 2028 even though he will have completed two terms by then.

When they inevitably rule that presidents aren't immune from prosecution after they leave office, what that will tell Donald Trump if by then he is president, is that he can never leave the office of the presidency.

And if he is voted out in 2028, he cannot leave office and he is welcome to commit any crimes he wants to, as long as he is still president, in order to ignore the result of that election and stay in power for life, because otherwise he's gonna go to prison when he gets out.

Liberal zombies will hear this and be like, Trump bad, Trump dictator for life, must vote Democrat. And they will, without a doubt.

Seriously though, does somebody wanna go check on Rachel?

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