Facebook, in all its wisdom and glory, will finally allow you to have an opinion on the origin of Covid-19. Thanks, Facebook!
· · May 26, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Well, whattaya know? You can now share articles and information questioning the origins of Covid-19 (well, specifically the one hypothesis that it was made in a lab) without getting banned on Facebook or labeled as fake news. What a blessing to humanity, that this benevolent tech giant has bestowed upon us the gracious opportunity to review information and make up our mind about what we believe based upon all of the evidence!

And what about all those poor souls that were previously banned by Facebook for sharing stories about Covid's possible origins in a lab?

Oh, wait. Still banned.

But for the rest of us that aren't banned, this is great news! Hooray!

Seriously, though. How are we so lucky to live in a world where the public square is watched over by such caring, thoughtful overseers? It's truly wonderful to be an American, able to believe whatever we want once it's politically expedient for the left.

Man, I'm so happy I think I might go exercise my right to not be banned on Facebook by posting how there was absolutely ZERO evidence of voter fraud!


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