Facebook is now warning that you may have been exposed to "harmful extremist content" and asking if you have "extremist" friends
· Jul 1, 2021 · NottheBee.com

Another day, another march toward all of George Orwell's writings coming true!

Facebook now has two alerts they are sending to people if their AI deems they have been exposed to "extremist content":

Anyone want to take bets on which way politically the vast majority of this "extremist content" leans?

Here's my super-detailed graph depicting how Facebook's "extremist" algorithm probably works:

If you click on the link to Facebook's help center, it walks you through examples of thoughtcrime and tells you why this might be detrimental to you.

A point mentioned in "Support from experts" that Facebook is offering says, if you're "manipulated into joining a group" that Facebook labels as "violent extremist," you're in danger of losing "friends, family members, and jobs."

Here's a sample of what you see when you click on "support":

* * *

* * *

* * *

People had some thoughts on getting these messages from Big Brother Zuckerberg:

Political commentator Dave Rubin won with the best response:

If you haven't yet realized that Facebook wants to track and indoctrinate you while making money off you in the process, check out Not The Bee Social, where you can escape the Orwellian grasp of the losers who run Big Tech!


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