Facebook threatened to ban popular YouTube comedian JP Sears for "violating community standards," so he's moving to Parler

Dec 8th

You probably recognize JP from his hilarious YouTube videos, AwakenWithJP.

JP's extremely sarcastic videos have tended to mock excesses of the health and wellness movement. Vegans, essential oils, and Yoga have been among the targets of his sardonic wit. But lately, he's turned his sights on Covid restrictions, media scaremongering, and general leftist pandemic absurdity.

Facebook, it turns out, doesn't take too kindly to departures from the narrative. So they sent JP the Big Tech equivalent of a decapitated horse's head—a threat to shut down his Facebook page.

Today he shared this to his Facebook page:

Hey family, looks like my days here on Facebook are numbered. Please join me on Parler (username @awakenwithjp) where I'll continue to share uncensored.

On a side note:

I will not back down from Tyrrany. I will without question risk losing what I have in the name of freedom. And I know many others are doing the same. I will keep going 💪🏽


Here's the latest video from AwakenWithJP. You can see why he's getting under the leftist's skin.


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