This year's "Transgender Visibility Day" coincides with Easter Sunday. Check out the newest US county to recognize the new holy day.
· Mar 27, 2024 ·

Every year on March 31, the wokies bring us back to the pagan roots of Easter with "Transgender Visibility Day," and this year the two holy days just happen to be the same!

The county school board of Fairfax, Virginia, was excited this week to join the cult.

I mean, it's a little on the nose, isn't it?

"Easter" refers to Ēostre (Old English) or Āsteron (Saxon), a goddess of the dawn associated with love, fertility, healing - attributes similar to Astarte, Asherah, Ishtar, and other Indo-European goddesses.

Now we've got a new day that celebrates men who openly fetishize female sexuality during the same time that the pagans use to celebrate fertility and new beginnings??

The Fairfax County School Board has added Transgender Visibility Day to its prior designations of June as LGBT Pride Month and October as LGBT History Month for a remarkable 62 days of LGBT celebration in the district's schools.

The Rev. Emma Chattin, executive director of Transgender Education Association, praised the board's decision, asserting that visibility can be "a heroic thing, especially for our trans women of color in our community, who face additional intersectional obstacles of prejudice regarding safety, housing, employment and health care."

If you're wondering why a reverend is celebrating the official recognition of this high holy day in Fairfax, then you haven't paid attention to what I've written up to this point!

The school board's nine Democrats all voted in favor of the measure, whereas the token Republican on the board, Patrick Herrity, did not show up for the vote.

"I'm looking forward to the day when we have a full dais for this proclamation, and that day will come," said board member James Walkinshaw of Herrity's absence. "One way or the other, that day will come."

They're lamenting that it was only a 9-0 vote instead of a 10-0 vote.

Remember, this this is one of 60+ PUBLIC SCHOOL RECOGNIZED days honoring the LGBTQ lifestyle.

And here I thought religion was banned from school!

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