FCC commissioner says Biden admin is about to take over "every aspect" of internet providers in the name of equity. He's not exaggerating.
· Nov 8, 2023 · NottheBee.com

It seems like hyperbole, but next week, the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on adopting the Biden administration‘s plan for a sweeping takeover of the entire internet from the ground up.

The plan is couched in the language of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, (DIE) under the auspices of providing broadband connectivity for the 42 million Americans without access to broadband, but FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr says it equates to little more than a hostile government takeover of the industry.

According to Carr,

The text of the order expressly provides that the FCC would be empowered, for the first time, to regulate each and every ISP's:

  • "network infrastructure deployment, network reliability, network upgrades, network maintenance, customer-premises equipment, and installation";
  • "speeds, capacities, latency, data caps, throttling, pricing, promotional rates, imposition of late fees, opportunity for equipment rental, installation time, contract renewal terms, service termination terms, and use of customer credit and account history";
  • "mandatory arbitration clauses, pricing, deposits, discounts, customer service, language options, credit checks, marketing or advertising, contract renewal, upgrades, account termination, transfers to another covered entity, and service suspension."

The FCC will have the ability to regulate "actions and omissions, whether recurring or a single instance."

Meaning broadband providers could be penalized if they take action or do nothing.

Yeah, it's a hostile government takeover of the internet and it's slipping right under the radar.

The penalties can include "forfeiture proceedings," so the government can just take a broadband provider's business as its own no matter what they do.

Carr says the plan,

reads like a planning document drawn up in the faculty lounge of a university's Soviet Studies Department.

Well, that's not surprising given this administration's Soviet aspirations.

Former FCC policy adviser Evan Swartzrauber said,

To call it "extreme" or "radical" doesn't do this proposal justice.

Who knows how this will filter down to those of us who make our living on the interwebs, but if the Federal government is involved, I can't imagine it will be good.

The vote is only a week away!

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