Feminists are trying to dunk on men by asking them how they'd like to be complimented by women all the time 🤣
· Jan 27, 2023 · NottheBee.com

This is just a random thing to brighten your day: Feminists trying to use logic.

To literally everyone with a working prefrontal cortex, the entire hypothetical is hilarious.

Contrary to what the rabid feminists think, men and women are [whispers] different.

I'm not out here saying it's alright when men pass off fake compliments in a perverted, sexualized way. That's wrong. Be chivalrous, men. Learn what honor and dignity are.

But when feminists think men wouldn't like to be complimented by women – I mean, my goodness, that is literally one of the things men desperately want.

Ask any man in your life: He probably remembers the time someone complimented his haircut in 1999. It probably made his whole week – especially if it was from his girlfriend or wife!


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