"First Lady Jill Biden Wore a Scrunchie While Shopping and People Felt So Seen" is a real headline a real adult journalist wrote.

Feb 17th

If you need a famous person wearing a scrunchie to make you "feel seen," you need to talk to someone.

It all started with a tweet by Jill Biden purchasing some Valentine's treats.

Shhh - don't tell Joe!

I feel the need to point out that this was not at all orchestrated, Jill Biden was just running her normal errands, and it was purely happenstance that an aid snapped a picture of her making a purchase at a place that was black-owned during Black History Month.

What luck!

Of course, people absolutely swooned.

Finally, an America where women can keep their hair out of their eyes.

That's Biden's America.

A relatable FLOTUS!

I wonder with whom they are drawing a contrast?

Unlike Glamour, The Washingtonian did some real reporting:

Last month, Joe Biden made his first presidential eating outing to Call Your Mother in Georgetown to pick up some bagels. The President and First Lady are on track to well surpass Donald and Melania Trump in visits to local food businesses. The Trumps only frequented the steakhouse in his Pennsylvania Avenue hotel during their four years in the White House.

Forget Mideast peace and a energy independence, we're talking about something really important here:

Eating out.

The Washington Post wasn't about to be left out of this blockbuster, but needed a catchy angle. They found one: Biden's "radical normalcy."

The new first lady, Jill Biden, made news last week …

For the record, this isn't the kind of news you make, it's the kind of news the news makes.

"...for wearing a scrunchie. Biden stopped at the Black-owned bakery The Sweet Lobby on Friday to "pick up some Valentine's treats for the weekend," she tweeted. Sporting floral earrings, a pink coat, a black mask and carrying her own bags of treats and baked goods,...

Wow! I just realized I carry my own bags.

I feel so seen!!

...it was Biden's scrunchie that really lit up the Internet.

A few more of my favorites:


The First Lady is wearing a scrunchie. She is truly of the American people. Thank you, Dr. Biden - we feel seen!


The ponytail and scrunchie make it so real.


I mean... the coat, the party pony, the scrunchie, the support for local business. I can't get enough.

I might have gotten enough.

Doesn't matter, they haven't,

Leave it to a scrunchie to capture the zeitgeist of President Biden's promise to "return to normalcy," a stark departure from the "I don't really care" message sent by Trump. After four highly choreographed and manicured years,...

Right, I keep forgetting, none of this was highly choreographed.

... Jill Biden's laissez-faire approach to her public image and affectionate relationship with her husband may foreshadow a different approach to the traditionally staid and formal office of the first lady.

Uh, huh.

"Melania Trump was the most put together person and Jill comes across as a relatable mom, teacher, wife and woman she's relatable in a way that Melania never was," our colleague Mary Jordan — and resident FLOTUS expert — told Power Up.

She'd be unlikely to ever be caught dead in a scrunchie — "unless it was Chanel," Jordan joked.

When they'd pick models up in the morning for early call times, Melania Trump was always fully dressed — and if she was in her pajamas, even those were "perfectly ironed," Jordan told us.

Remember how people constantly criticized Jackie Kennedy for her elegance and made jokes about how put together she always was?

Someone give that woman a scrunchie.

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