The War on Appliances rages on: First they came for your gas stoves, then your dishwashers, and now your washing machines
· Jun 27, 2023 ·

First they came for the gas stoves, and I did not speak out because I did not have a gas stove.

Then they came for the dishwashers, and I did not speak out because I did not have a dishwasher.

Then they came for the washing machines, and...

The washing machines?

I mean the invention of deodorant and the electric washing machine literally changed the way humanity smelled--for the better.

Why is the Department of Energy messing with something that's improved all our lives by again reducing the amount of water washing machines can use per load?

The limit for washing machines is dropping to between 3.5-5.5 gallons of water per load. For reference, older machines use 40-45 gallons per load, and high-efficient machines get that down to 10-25 gallons per load per load.

All this change means is we'll all have to run smaller loads, and use way more water, electricity, and, even more valuable, time doing laundry.

Honestly, I get the impression these people have never done their own laundry before.

Though if the government bureaucracy thing doesn't work out for them, videos of them trying to wash their clothes would be hilarious and instantly viral. 💯

I appreciate that some members of Congress like representative John Moolenaar of Michigan are standing up to these out-of-control regulators with legislation that limits their ability to enforce these dumb rules.

But even if his bill passed the House, the Democrat-led Senate isn't going to pass it. Their entire platform these days is sacrificing Americans to the climate gods.

And apparently the climate gods like their sacrifices extra stinky.

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