This tweet broke the internet. I have thoughts.
· Jun 27, 2023 ·

You aren't allowed to have thoughts like this.

We all know what she means. We can feel it in our bones.

The wokies like to cry rAciSm though:

Okay, Clarence. Now do the reverse. How would you feel if a bunch of white Europeans moved to an African or Asian nation and began erasing their culture in favor of their own Western culture?

The same people who get upset at someone for noting the loss of their national identity and culture are the ones who are furious at the "colonialism" of Western companies like McDonald's or the gall of Christian missionaries who are obeying Christ's command to tell the world about Him.

But meanwhile, the world has changed, and we are not allowed to lament it:

Multiculturalism is the culture of the liberal, but not just any multiculturalism – no, they want a Christless Christian multiculturalism with Marxist overtones where they can feel superior by having lots of different skin tones in their sandbox as long as everyone plays by their rules.

They don't understand that their concept of diversity is based on the unique Christian teaching of tolerance that makes such diversity and pluralism possible.

The irony, of course, is that the world's other major cultures are profoundly intolerant of the very concept of multiculturalism. In Islam, the concept of "tahwid," or oneness, rules everything. Why does Islamic music all sound similar? Because diverse musical notes are seen as sinful. Everything must reflect the oneness and sameness of their god. If London is one day Muslim majority, it will reflect this same culture.

In Hinduism, there is a rigid caste structure that rules all of life and determines a person's worth from birth. Buddhism concerns itself mainly with the inner self and has been wedded to Marxist totalitarian teachings across Asia for the better part of a century.

Likewise, animistic cultures in Africa, Asia, and Native America (most Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus would fall into these categories as well, since most are highly superstitious) have no teaching of inherent rights, liberty, or democracy. Liberals think they can "enlighten" these cultures with their humanistic principles. It's why America thought it could bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Everywhere that experiment has been tried, it fails.

Contrary to liberal thought, you can't "bake" a civilization with any old ingredients. There are certain teachings and principles – old, strong foundations – that allowed Western civilization to usher in the modern world. To critique the destruction of these principles is now considered "racist."

People are poking fun at Alex Phillips because she misses the feel of the culture that came out of Victorian England at the height of the British Empire. Instead of acknowledging that it isn't evil to be nostalgic, especially given the issues with surging crime in London, people felt the need to mock her by saying they miss the Celts, Roman legionnaires, Vikings, and Normans who once ruled the place.

To that, let me present this amazing Community Note for London Mayor Sadiq Khan:


What is happening to London (and the UK) is different on an order of magnitude that has never been seen in the British Isles – far different than pagan Rome battling the pagan Celts or the Anglos and Danes fighting, culturally speaking – and it's okay to feel a sense of loss at that cultural uniqueness without being deemed a racist:

Now for some hard truth.

The West wouldn't have gotten to this place if it had decided that God and his design for marriage and family were important. The West dug its own grave, and you can't blame it all on the woke.

But in the grand scheme of things, the death of Western civ shouldn't consume us (yes, I just said that). It is sad, not only because cities like London will be conquered by other nations that will not tolerate the "tolerant" liberals who currently run the place (and MANY people will suffer as a result), but because London was a diverse note in a diverse world that will be lost to history as it becomes something entirely different.

But for my part, as a Christian, the only kingdom that concerns me is the Kingdom of God. I am sure the Babylonians lamented the fall of Babylon, the Song and Jin dynasties lamented the Mongols taking China, and yes, the Anglo-Saxons lamented the French Normans for taking over England (William the Conqueror was one of my great-grand pappies).

In our current moment, I see how allowing millions of single, military-aged men from societies with completely different ethical systems to pour into your nation is suicide, but in the process, I know many will be exposed to the Gospel.

And I know this truth: What made the West special was not the color of its peoples' skin or some magic of the land itself.

What made the West special was believing the Gospel.

Without it, the West wouldn't have had its role in history. That yeast worked its way through the whole dough and allowed the flourishing we have today to be possible (I'm writing this on a magic light-box for readers thousands of miles away, y'all).

Just as the torch of the Gospel has been given to different empires through history, it is now passing out of the hands of the West and into the Global South as millions come to faith in Jesus Christ across Africa and Asia. History moves slow to us, but more now happens every year for the sake of the Great Commission than happened in entire centuries in ages past. For that, I am happy.

But I will miss the beauty of the cultures the woke commies decided to destroy in the name of "progress."

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