Flashback: Take a moment to appreciate how radically the COVID narrative has shifted in just a few months

Mar 3rd

For two years now, we've been told that authorities, experts, and business leaders are following The Science when it comes to COVID.

Every decision, every policy, and every rule, restriction, and directive was said to emanate from The Science. To question any COVID measure was to question The Science, and doing so marked you irrevocably as Anti-Science, which is worse than being a mass murderer.

But it's crazy how quickly The Science can shift, isn't it? When you look at the state of things in early March 2022, it doesn't look anything like, say, December 2021. Heck, in some cases, early March looks radically different from early February.

Consider, for instance, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention's firm stance early last month against relaxing its masking guidance:

[D]r. Fauci cautioned that the situation "is still unpredictable," and said any transition out of the current crisis would be gradual. And Dr. Walensky said pointedly that while her agency is working on new guidance for the states, it is too soon for all Americans to take off their masks in indoor public places.

Flash forward to about fifteen days later:

[The CDC's] new guidelines suggest that 70 percent of Americans can now stop wearing masks, and no longer need to social distance or avoid crowded indoor spaces.

Ahh, what a flip: From "15 days to slow the spread" to "15 days to de-mask the head."

I guess Dr. Fauci's definition of "gradual" is different from yours, or mine, or really anyone's.

And, I mean, look, technically Walensky can still argue that it's "too soon" for "all" Americans to de-mask, given that there are many Americans whom the CDC still insists must wear face masks.

But in a modern 21st century civilization, where viruses could theoretically spread to every single state over the course of 24 hours, there's no real difference between "70 percent" and "all," is there? I mean...

What about major business leaders?

Consider, for example, Google in December (less than 3 months ago if you're keeping track):

Google has threatened to reduce pay or even fire staff who fail to comply with internal policies on Covid 19 vaccinations, CNBC reported, citing internal documents.

The Alphabet Inc. unit warned employees they had till Dec. 3 to declare and prove their vaccination status, or apply for exemptions. Those who hadn't complied by Jan. 18 will be placed on "paid administrative leave" for 30 days, CNBC said. They could then be put on unpaid leave for up to six months, before finally getting dismissed, it added.

Oh goodness! That's alarming!

Meanwhile, several weeks later:

Google Real Estate and Workplace Services VP David Radcliffe wrote an email to San Francisco Bay Area employees this week explaining that the company is relaxing some rules around vaccines, testing, social distancing and masks. Separately, a Google spokesperson told CNBC that the company has reversed course and will not require vaccinations as a condition of employment for U.S. workers, but declined to offer further details.

Wow! From "Get vaxxed or get sacked" to "Eh, not really" in all of, what, seven weeks? That's quick turnaround.

Even Congress has seen a slam-tilt reversal of earlier hardline COVID rules. Consider early January:

So at the start of the year, fears of COVID infections were so high that Congress was passing out high-quality professional-grade masks to all members. Meanwhile, eight weeks later:

The US Capitol's attending physician said Sunday that masks will be optional on Capitol Hill starting Monday, just a day before President Joe Biden will deliver his State of the Union address in the House chamber.

Isn't that wild? Barely two months later, and just 24 hours before the embattled president delivered a desperate speech meant to boost his miserable poll numbers, the masks came off

Seems like there's been a huge shift in pandemic policy, very possibly driven by something that rhymes with "Snow Briden's roll slumbers."

Wait, sorry, my bad: It's all according to "The Science"!

P.S. Now check out our viral vid "How to speak Bidenese" 😁 👇

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