Florida decided to dump 50,000 pounds of Romaine lettuce into the water to save manatees from starving to death and by gum it's actually working!
· · Feb 20, 2022 · NottheBee.com

A lot of people tend to think poorly of lettuce—its earthy flavor, its relative lack of nutrients, its sky-high water content—but you know who really likes lettuce? Starving manatees, that's who:

The unprecedented human effort to feed starving Florida manatees has so far provided the lovable marine mammals with more than 25 tons of lettuce, officials said Wednesday.

The round-tailed, snout-nosed animals popular with locals and tourists have suffered a major die-off because their preferred seagrass food source is disappearing because of water pollution from agricultural, urban, septic tank and other sources.

Officials say the feeding program involving donated romaine lettuce at a Florida Power & Light plant on the east coast is attracting about 300 to 350 manatees per day. It's been as many as 800 manatees at times, sometimes less than 60 as they move around the waterways.

Okay, real talk: Who is donating all this Romaine lettuce? Is it restaurants? Is it people going out and buying a bunch of lettuce? Did people just have all this Romaine lettuce lying around??

But I digress. Here's some footage of these lovable sea cows chowing down on that sweet state lettuce:

It would be hard to mess up a program as simple as dumping literal tons of lettuce into the water every day, but nevertheless it's good to see a government effort actually paying off!


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