Florida man arrested for pooping on dead possum (yes, you read that right) while rush-hour traffic whizzed by
ยท Nov 20, 2023 ยท NottheBee.com

This is quite a headline right here and it'll make your Florida man radar go absolutely bonkers.

Yes, a homeless Florida man was arrested in Clearwater last Wednesday after he was found pooping on a dead possum โ€” yes, pooping on a dead possum.

Let's just hope for the possum's sake that it was actually dead and not just faking it. Cuz if that thing had to wake up with a log on its head there's no recovering from that loss of dignity.

I love the way New York Post covers this story so let's quote them:

A Florida man was arrested after allegedly defecating on a dead possum in the middle of rush-hour traffic, according to police.

Rudy Wilcox, 45, was picked up by Clearwater police on Wednesday around 5:30 p.m. after he was seen dropping-trow in the middle of the Belcher Road and Willow Tree Trail intersection then laying a log on the doubly-unfortunate possum "in full view of the motoring public."

Here's how the motorists reacted to Rudy's log-laying when he had a daydream about pooping on a dead possum earlier that day:

Didn't quite turn out that way though.

Boy, I never thought I'd see the words, "laying a log" on the pages of a major newspaper, but yet here we are. Gotta love the world we live in, folks. Isn't it the greatest?

So not only did Rudy lay this log in plain sight where everyone in traffic could see him, but a police cruiser just happened to witness the whole thing.

Rudy claimed the officer "doesn't see straight" and must've witnessed incorrectly, but unfortunately for Rudy the evidence at the scene said otherwise.

In other words, the log don't lie.

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