Here's how the media covered the arrest of a Florida kid who threatened to shoot up a middle school
· Apr 7, 2023 ·

If you saw this headline from the Miami Herald what would you be led to think happened in this story?

Well, the Miami Herald and many on the establishment left wanted you to believe that Ron DeSantis sent his goon squad to arrest a young man who posted memes because his mom was an anti-DeSantis activist.

That's what Jones herself, a radical DeSantis deranged Democrat and serial liar said happened, after all:

But what actually happened?


And his mom lied about it because Florida Man Bad and she knows that Democrats will blindly believe any lie that's told about a prominent Republican.

The Miami Herald still has the false and misleading headline on their Twitter for goodness' sake.

"My son has been taken on the governor's orders!"

Reality: She went and turned her son into the local police because he threatened to SHOOT UP HIS SCHOOL!

DeSantis derangement syndrome is real and may be worse than Trump derangement.

The Left is an absolute joke.

The sad part, their voters will believe the fake headline anyways. The damage is done.

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