It took me a second to realize why Twitter really wanted me to care about Jamie Lee Curtis and her, uh, daughters.
· Oct 14, 2022 ·

For some reason, for the past few days, Twitter has been promoting this celebrity incident really hard:

...and it's like, why? What for? I mean, Jamie Lee Curtis is a fine actress and has done excellent work. But why should we care that she "walked the red carpet" at the premier of the 13th entry in a worn-out, boring, 44-year-old horror movie franchise? Why is that worth multiple days on Twitter's highly lucrative "Trending" lineup?

Well, let's take a look here:

Okay. I think I get it now.

Daughter 1:

"Daughter" 2:

A little research, meanwhile, confirms it:

[Curtis and husband Christopher Guest] have two adopted daughters: Annie, born in 1986, and Ruby, born in 1996; Ruby is transgender.

You see what's going on here. Normally, a celebrity standing around with her children wouldn't generate literal days-worth of top-tier placement on one of the busiest websites in the world. But one of those children is "transgender," so they had to take the opportunity to virtue-signal the whole thing.

I'm not trying to be mean here. That's just quite obviously what's going on. And indeed, many of the comments underneath the tweets seem to back it up that this is not about Jamie Lee Curtis or her "daughters," it's about mainstreaming transgender ideology:

Nice try, wokies!

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