For those who think we're exaggerating this "Satanic abortion" stuff, please listen to this witch explain her spells that take power from the "life that has been conceived"
· Dec 1, 2023 ·

We aren't being witty or clickbaity when we say abortion is demonic.

It's literally demonic.

Most Americans don't think of it that way; shedding blood to advance one's financial position or career is seen as a rational, naturalistic choice. But the longer Americans keep telling themselves there's no spiritual dimension to humans or reality, the more the spiritual begins to dominate them:

[Warning: Literal Witchcraft, Discussion of Child Sacrifice]

If you go to this young woman's TikTok, you'll see her username is "Valkyrja Vörðr," or "Valkyrie Guard," referring to the angelic servants of Odin in Norse Mythology who would attend the souls of dying warriors.

Her page is full of astrological advice like this:

She has dozens of videos like this. She refers to herself as a witch in many of them. There's no evidence that this is some multi-year, elaborate troll.

People believe this stuff. More and more every year. Nietzsche wondered who would replace God now that the West had "killed" Him; it turns out, the old gods were right there to fill the void with all the trappings of hell.

When Cosmopolitan is promoting human sacrifice, maybe you need to stop arguing about Republicans versus Democrats for five seconds and realize where we are.

And for the church-going ladies who like to read about "empowerment" and "self-love," before you go down that route, maybe you should consider why witches preach the same thing.

Lots of traps out there. They all lead to hell.

I'll leave you with this account of King Manasseh of Judah as proof that human nature hasn't changed one bit.

He built altars to all the stars in the sky in both courtyards of the Lord's temple. He sacrificed his son in the fire, practiced witchcraft and divination, and consulted mediums and spiritists. He did a huge amount of evil in the Lord's sight, angering him.

Manasseh set up the carved image of Asherah, which he made, in the temple that the Lord had spoken about to David and his son Solomon: "I will establish my name forever in this temple and in Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel."

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