Teammate of Lia Thomas sits down with Matt Walsh to go public about her experience with the trans athlete, says the "the university wanted us to be quiet"
Β· Jun 6, 2023 Β·

This is worth the watch πŸ‘‡

Matt Walsh had this to say about the interview:

The most disturbing thing that Paula Scanlan revealed is the psychological manipulation from the school that made the real girls on the team question their own common sense and judgment. They knew it was wrong to have a man on the team but the gaslighting campaign was extremely effective.

Groomer criminals always manipulate their victims. Schools know there is big money in the virtue signals and media coverage that come with trans athletes, not to mention the total victory they can achieve when men compete against women. Those crony "Mad Men" types haven't gone away in the modern business world (and college sports is a lucrative business); they just capitalized on woke. I'm amazed that more women, especially feminists, don't realize this.

Ladies, you need to know that it's okay to question what powerful bosses, coaches, teachers, and influencers are telling you. They want you to feel like you are the weird one for not wanting to share private spaces with men. They want you to believe you are unkind if you don't do what they want. But that's what predators do.

When your instincts send up those red flags, don't ignore them. Speak up. Your stories are powerful.

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