"They’re literally trying to drive Twitter bankrupt." Elon Musk discusses censorship by advertisers with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Twitter Spaces
· Jun 6, 2023 · NottheBee.com

Yesterday, Elon kept good on his guarantee, hosting Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who hopes to challenge President Biden for the Democrat nomination in 2024.

One of the obstacles RFKJ has run into over the years, especially in trying to promote his message around vaccines, is that advertisers have a tight control over what different TV and now internet platforms allow.

Elon understands the trouble and confirms RFKJ's accusation against major corporations. This is majorly important to hear.

Twitter has seen extreme pressure from advertisers... We have in North America and Europe seen roughly half of our advertising disappear overnight simply because we insist on free speech.

So what you're talking about I think the public has not realized the magnitude of pressure, extreme financial pressure that is placed upon organizations to toe the line by advertisers.

And I think this is a fundamental corruption of democracy and the public should be absolutely outraged by this, and something has got to be done about it, it's insane.

They're literally trying to drive Twitter bankrupt.

It's incredible to think about. And it requires a major paradigm shift for Republicans to accept it. But corporations ARE the bad guys. The worst of the crony business magnates have figured out how to ally with Marxist globalists by using "wokeness" to game the system for their own profit.

I know, Republicans are the party of "business" and commerce, but when advertisers and big business use their wallets to control speech and censor people, there's no way around it.

RFKJ may be a Democrat, but he faces as much scrutiny from the media and draws the ire of advertisers as much as any Republican.

And, as Elon mentioned recently in his The Babylon Bee interview, he is fighting just to keep Twitter from going bankrupt because woke corporations are actually trying to destroy him and his free speech mission.

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