Four of the iTunes Top 10 songs are called "Let's Go Brandon" ๐Ÿคฃ
ยท Oct 29, 2021 ยท

When everyone was designing their Biden Administration Bingo last winter, did anyone think to include a square that predicted "Four separate versions of a vulgar anti-Biden song will dominate the iTunes Top 10 chart just nine months into his presidency?"

No? Nobody?

President Joe Biden's first term is taking a bad rap โ€” times four.

What started as one chart-topping anti-Biden hip-hop anthem has quadrupled into four hit tracks in iTunes' Top 10 on Friday, as conservatives flock to buy the tunes and prove their purchasing power.

All four songs are titled "Let's Go Brandon" โ€” a phrase that has become a right-wing rallying cry in recent weeks.

And the Grammy for "Best Quadruple Gag Song Throwing Complete and Total Shade at the Biden Administration" goes to...

(Yeah, that's a Grammy statue. Who knew they looked like that? I didn't.)

Look, if we're being completely honest... the Loza Alexander version is insanely catchy. Quite apart from its offensive intentions, it's just a good beat.

Check out the third verse of the extended version:

Watch Jesus Christ open up cases like a locksmith (Sheesh!)

I'm a monster with the truth, no Loch Ness (Sheesh)

Ain't no stoppin' us, and can't nobody top this

Commies won't last 'cause God is the only option

Tommy with a mag, my Second Amendment poppin'

Let's go, Brandon, this a new anthem

Loza Train smash and make the left side panic

Let's go, Brandon, lefties need to can it

And people need to stop actin' like commies got the answers

You gotta give credit where credit is due!

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