France Deactivated 4 MILLION Vax Passports Without Warning To Force People To Get The Booster Shot Several Months Early
· Feb 22, 2022 ·

As France follows suit and begins to ease some Covid restrictions, one thing they look to continue to implement is the vaccine passport which would force people to show proof of vax before participating in society.

So, the mask mandates are disappearing, but, according to reports out of France, the rules for the vax are only tightening.

As a matter of fact, France just DEACTIVATED nearly 4 MILLION vax passports for people who haven't got their booster shot yet.

So, the original timeframe said you'd have 7 months to get a Covid booster, and then, apparently overnight, they changed the timeframe down to 4 months, meaning that 4 million Frenchmen were suddenly exiled from society for not yet getting the 3rd Covid shot.

You have some folks, like the first young girl in the video, 18-years-old, who just mindlessly went out to get the 3rd shot so that she could have her passport turned back on.

With no consideration of the medical necessity of a booster for a healthy 18-year-old female, the government is mandating it... so she'll just do it.

Then you have others, like the last person in the video, who has just been completely worn down.

It's sad, but that's how it is. I don't have the right to do anything anymore, so I'm not even trying. I hope the pass is suspended soon.

The utter hopelessness felt in this situation is devastating.

This new authoritarianism and medical tyranny is destroying the livelihood of so many and turning once free countries into surveillance police states.

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