Fully-vaxxed CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has tested positive for Covid again. That's twice in 10 days.
· Nov 1, 2022 · NottheBee.com

Well, how about that?

Rochelle Walenksy, head of the CDC, the lady who wants to tell us all how to live our lives because of Covid has, once again, tested positive for the disease she assured us the vax would stop.

Not only that, this is her second case in TEN DAYS after she took the Pifzer drug paxlovid which can often result in a rebound case.

From Fox News:

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky tested positive for COVID-19 again on Sunday, 10 days after initially contracting the virus.

Walensky, who is up to date on her vaccines, started a course of Pfizer's antiviral drug Paxlovid when she first started developing symptoms on Oct. 21.

Her symptoms improved and she tested negative, but she tested positive again in an apparent rebound case on Sunday.

She's fully vaxxed. She took the miracle drug from wonderful Pfizer, and she got sick again.

How about that?

Walensky is the third high-profile government official to experience a rebound COVID-19 case after taking Paxlovid, which was approved in December for patients at risk of severe infection.

President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 in a rebound case in July after testing negative for four days.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is stepping down at the end of this year, also suffered a rebound case in June.

Walensky is now isolating at home and working virtually, the CDC said.

All the tyrants who threatened your livelihood if you didn't take their experimental jabbity jab have all experienced Covid multiple times themselves.

Funny how that works.

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