Double-vaxxed LeBron has the 'Rona and people are wondering when Kyrie Irving can come back to play
· Dec 1, 2021 ·

It couldn't have happened to a more humble, kind, and caring person.

Lebron reportedly took 3 tests and 2 of them came back positive.

If Lebron James' positive test result fails to be a false-positive or inconclusive result, the player will be out for a minimum of ten days and will have to submit two negative tests results within 24 hrs to return; which is in accordance with the NBA's health and safety protocols.

Before you send your condolences to the drama queen, LeFlop is asymptomatic and got to take a private jet back to L.A.

Some people noticed a bit of a media double standard when it comes to athletes and the jab – specifically concerning Nets player Kyrie Irving, who has been banned from playing for not getting the shot.

Look at how The Daily Mail tries to spin the story:


Clown world.

Does the 'Rona magically get ya if you don't believe hard enough in the vax? These outlets will literally do anything to avoid any negative connotations being placed on the jab.

It's not just Kyrie tho:

It's almost like LeBron gets a free pass because he got the vax, mocks people the media has decided are white supremacists, and praises communist China!

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