Gavin Newsom attempted to gaslight us about sending the National Guard to the border so a reporter had to set him straight
ยท Jun 15, 2024 ยท

Gruesome Newsom is back to his lying ways again.

On Thursday, Newsom posted this video claiming that he's doing more to stop illegal immigration than Republicans because he sent the National Guard to the border.

"Mean Republicans won't provide RESOURCES for the men and women securing our border!"

By resources, he means money to quickly process illegal immigrants who then become Democrat voters.

In this post, the governor also claims that he's doubled the presence of the National Guard on the border. This is true โ€ฆ however:

Jacumba is where a huge portion of illegal crossings are taking place. We've covered it here before. ๐Ÿ‘‡

The National Guard is not where they are needed most.

And on Friday, Newsom's office confirmed as much to Melugin.

Governor Newsom's office responds - confirming that the CA National Guard is not assisting Border Patrol in Jacumba where the mass illegal crossings are taking place, and is instead only focusing on ports of entry, where legal crossings take place.

Claims โ€˜CA is doing our job' - as San Diego sector leads the nation in illegal crossings and there is zero effort to deter or enforce at the state level, nor are there any CA National Guard on hand to even help Border Patrol with simple humanitarian tasks that would free up agents to do their jobs.

Great to have this confirmation in writing that the despite the photo ops & claims of doubling CA National Guard at the border - none of them are working with Border Patrol in Jacumba, where [Fox News] live shots continue to show men from around the world pouring in daily, with many ending up street released at a trolley station in San Diego.

Who would have thought that Gavin Newsom is a deceptive, gaslighting, slimy, used-car salesman of a politician??

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