Gavin Newsom is big mad that normal people (AKA "extremists") spoke out against Target's "tuckable" trans merch
ยท May 24, 2023 ยท

This woke cultist (the governor of California) thinks normal Americans are the extreme ones.

He literally thinks we're all Nazis who want to kill Jews and women because we don't like sex stuff shoved in our faces (especially our KIDS' FACES) with all the colors of the rainbow. In the process, he's defending the literal satanist who designed the clothes for Target.

I'm am HERE for this showdown between Gavin and Target though. May they all get what they deserve.

But Gavin, since we're talking about extremes, what about the LA Dodgers hosting a drag-queen troupe that mocks Catholic nuns and holds "hunky Jesus" contests where gay men pole-dance on crosses?

This man has ambitions to be the U.S. president. My dude, you are calling the majority of your countrymen fascists because we don't accept the LGBT agenda that is being rammed down our throats every hour of every day!

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