George Stephanopoulos apologizes after TMZ catches him telling the truth about Biden
· Jul 10, 2024 ·

Welcome to the American Left, where the worst thing you can possibly do is candidly speak your mind.

The other day, TMZ caught up with George Stephanopoulos after his interview with the very competent and very in charge president, and asked him candidly (undercover) what he thought about Biden.

TMZ: What do you think? Do you think Biden should step down? You talked to him more than anybody else has lately, and you can be honest.

Stephanopoulos: I don't think he can serve four more years.

Maybe they caught him off guard, but there's no way George wasn't telling the truth here.

He's seen Biden up close, he doesn't think he can make it another 4 years.

But then Stephanopoulos faced the backlash. He forgot for a minute that he wasn't really an unbiased journalist and observer. He's a Democrat operative and always has been!

"I'm so sorry you caught me telling the truth! I'm a professional journalist and I should NEVER have been caught not lying!"

Okay, that wasn't his official apology, but it's pretty darn close.

'Earlier today I responded to a passerby. I shouldn't have,' Stephanopoulos said in a statement Tuesday night response to the video's release, ABC News reported.

Well. That's not an apology to Biden, now is it?

He's literally apologizing for talking to strangers! He's acting like his mommy caught him about to go into some dude's white van!

"I'm sorry Mommy Democrat Media Machine! I'll never speak to a stranger ever again! They could be TMZ or, even worse, James O'Keefe!"

George Snuffleupagus is beyond pathetic.

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