Pro-aborts in Arizona are suing the state for referring to unborn human beings as unborn human beings
· Jul 10, 2024 ·

However cowardly and craven you think pro-abortion activists are, I can assure you, they're worse:

A pro-abortion group plans to file a lawsuit Wednesday over the way their initiative is set to be summarized in the information pamphlet that is sent to voters ahead of the election...

The group, Arizona for Abortion Access, is looking to legalize abortion in the state up to "fetal viability." To that end they're putting the matter before voters in November. The state's Legislative Council this week released the language of the summary of that proposal:

'Current state law prohibits a physician from performing an abortion if the probable gestational age of the unborn human being is more than 15 weeks, except when a pregnant woman's medical condition necessitates an immediate abortion to avert the pregnant woman's death or for which a delay creates a serious risk of substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function,' the opening paragraph of the proposition's drafted summary reads in its current form.

Now, reading that over, you might find yourself wondering: "What could these people possibly object to in this paragraph?"

But of course it's perfectly obvious:

The use of 'unborn human being' instead of 'fetus,' is 'tinged with partisan coloring,' Austin Yost, an attorney representing the Arizona for Abortion Access campaign committee, said to the group of lawmakers on Monday.

So they're upset about referring to human beings as, you know, human beings.

But the whole pro-abortion gambit gets even more desperate, folks:

Rep. Stephanie Stahl-Hamilton, D-Tucson, said 'fetus' is the most-medically accurate word to use, just as 'spontaneous abortion' is the term for an accurate way to describe a miscarriage.

Uh huh. What normal person do you know who refers to a miscarriage as a "spontaneous abortion" in the course of normal conversation?

Of course! Normal people refer to miscarriages as "miscarriages," and we refer to unborn human beings as, you know, unborn human beings.

Beyond that, the proposal description actually does incorporate the language preferred by pro-aborts:

Toma called the description 'fair and balanced' because it used both the terms 'unborn human being' and 'fetus,' the latter of which he said would be partial to those that support the initiative.

I'll leave you with this timely comic from our co-founder, Adam Ford:

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