Georgia sheepdog kills eight coyotes in epic battle after pack attacks his sheep
· Dec 5, 2022 ·

Okay, this is awesome:

Good boy took out eight coyotes all by himself!!!


It happened one day when the animals and their owner were out on a walk:

A group of 8 coyotes interrupted Casper, his owner, and their sheep's walk. Normally a good shooing will scare them away, but the coyotes were especially tricky that day.

That day, the coyotes were having none of the shooing, and they continued to come at Casper and his flock.

That's when the fight started, and Casper took on all of the yotes on his own — eight versus one.

Casper and the wild canines got into an ugly spat.

"[Casper] just came out the fence here and killed more, and then they had a fight all up and down this wasn't a short thing, it was half hour."

A half-hour battle!

And eight kills for Casper!

It was a dirty fight, but against all odds Casper came out on top.

Meanwhile, Casper's flock was safe at home waiting for their hero to come home.

But he didn't come back. Casper was gone...

Casper went missing for days.

"If he wasn't killed, we figured he was hurt...we knew he was hurt because we found parts of his tail and blood and other things, and so we were worried about him."

Yeah, I'd be worried too.

Luckily, two days later, Casper was back.

He was in rough shape, and in desperate need of medical attention.

And boy did he get it.

The LifeLine Animal Project, an organization with a mission to end euthanasia of healthy animals, has stepped in to help raise money for Casper's hospital bills.

The group launched a GoFundMe to cover the $15,000 hospital bill and has already exceeded its goal and will use remaining funds to help save future animal lives.

And now our good boy Casper is in recovery mode!

I love stories like this!

Keep it up, my good people (and my good boys)!

I'll leave this here for ya:

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