German Farmer Fed Up With High Gas Prices Decides To Hitch Up Her Horse And Buggy To Save Money On Fuel
· May 21, 2022 ·

We are all feeling the crunch of high gas prices. And things are only going to continue to get worse and worse.

Many are choosing to limit their trips, carpool, and cut back on vacations or long trips, but this lady in Germany may have come up with the best solution:

Stephanie Kirchner's journey to work has got longer but, she says, cheaper: she has left her SUV at home and switched to real horse power.

Stud farm owner and horse trainer Kirchner, 33, says she decided "it can't go on like this" after fuel prices jumped following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. "Since I also suspected hay harvesting and everything else will become much, much more expensive, we said, ‘we have to save a little money,'" she says.

So she has switched to traveling the roughly 6 kilometers (3 1/2 miles) from her home in western Germany by horse-drawn carriage. That turns a one-way trip from 10-15 minutes to as much as an hour.

Gas prices are so insanely high that people are deciding to go back in time to the horse-drawn carriage in order to save money!

Thanks a lot, environmentalists!

But Kirchner calculates that, given how much fuel her Toyota SUV consumes, she saves about 250 euros ($264) per month if she can use horse power every day.

Her carriage, drawn by two horses, is popular with children and some others. But "of course humanity is hectic and then some people are annoyed if they can't get past me fast enough," Kircher says.

Yeah, have to admit, if I got stuck behind a horse-drawn carriage on my to the store I'd think it was neat for about five seconds before I got incredibly annoyed.

She acknowledges that her answer to rising fuel prices isn't for everyone.

"I can't put a horse in a parking garage," she says. "I think a lot more horse riders would do it if opportunities were created for the horses."

Literally, this woman is advocating for cities to bring back hitching posts and carriage houses in order to people driving a horse and buggy. All because there's a war on fossil fuels that keeps people from being able to live life as normal.

The real question is, does this count as a Babylon Bee prophecy fulfilled?

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